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Welcome to Highlands Road Wine Estate

Make your way to the elegant Elgin Valley, where you'll find the picturesque setting of Highlands Road Estate that will keep you occupied for hours, and that’s before you’ve tasted our wines!  Already with a string of award-winning Sauvignon Blancs to our name, our wines are set to impress. Our range of wines include elegant white blends, MCC, Rosé,  Pinot Noir, and a robust red blend dubbed “Ruadh”(Scots Gaelic for red) but be sure to inquire about our 100% Sauvignon Blanc Dessert wine for a real treat. If you’re lucky, you’ll be served in the chic tasting room by the passionate owner himself , or else be left in the capable hands of our enthusiastic young team. The water-side café serves up simple, bistro-style foods, with a wood-fired pizza oven ready for action on the busy weekends. Keep an eye on their social media pages for updates on special events, menu updates, expos and much more. An ideal spot to bring the whole family!


Started in 2004, Highlands Road is the culminating dream of Michael White, who identified Elgin as one of the top areas for producing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. With the planting of the vineyards and the building of the cellar, we now have the ability to complete that dream.

 Hoping to provide the full winery experience, our exclusive estate contains not just a wine cellar and tasting room and a restaurant with decks overlooking the dam. We believe that wine is more than what is in the bottle; it is the memories that go with it. To this end, we have attempted to make our estate not just a place to taste wine, but a destination to experience it.

 Elgin Valley The Valley of Wonders

For years, Elgin has been the centre of the apple trade in South Africa. However, a little less than 10 years ago, a significant dip in apple prices suddenly brought Elgin Valley’s famously unattainable land to market. Aware of the Valley’s wonders, many top wineries and winemakers swooped into this fertile valley to stake their own grape claims. The cool climate of the valley combined with the natural fecundity of this fruit bearing region makes Elgin every wine grower’s paradise. Rapidly gaining national and international acclaim for it’s top Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs, Elgin’s magic is only just beginning.

Wood Fired Pizza

Come try our delicious pizzas and enjoy a glass or two of wine.

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Wine Tasting

Our award winning wines can be tasted any day of the week.

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The latest Highland Road Estate News

New Food, New Wine, more Great Times!

New menu, new wine, more great times!

If you haven’t visited us at Highlands Road for a while, you might have missed the exciting launch of our Café’s new Summer Menu, crammed full of delicious Tapas, our now famous gourmet-pizzas and flatbreads (with a few new combinations as well). From decadent deep-fried Camembert cheese to home-made Meatballs and Bacon Jam (yes, our read right!) there is something to satisfy your every craving.

But no meal is complete without a good wine- Enter our new-release 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, which has already received rave reviews from our peers and customers, and which is sure to make a bold statement this summer as an all-time favourite of Highlands Road! The wine Carries hues of pale lime green, typical of a mature Elgin/cool climate Sauvignon Blanc. On the nose, pronounced tropical flavours of freshly sliced, ripe papaya and litchi with subdued notes of orange peel and a hint of juicy Granny Smith apple. On the palate the wine presents a linear acidity, fuller on the mid palate, with a warm finish and a lingering fullness. All in all, our 2013 Sauvignon Blanc makes for a pleasantly “quaffable” wine best shared with good friends.

Apart from our new food and wine, you might also notice a few new faces at our estate, as we welcome a few new servers to our team to help out during the busy summer days ahead. We eargerly await your next visit to Highlands Road Estate- bookings can be made via

E-mail: Jennifer@highlandsroadestat.co.za or

Give us a call at 071 271 0161.

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Going viral: the future for wine marketing?

Going viral: the future for wine marketing?

This past week, Highlands Road Estate was privileged to join 12 other wine estates in a Pinot Noir “tweet-up” tasting event. Sample bottles from each participating winery (divide into three separate “flights”) were tasted and critiqued by a panel of wine and social media gurus in Cape Town, while the local Elgin representation copied the same flights here in Elgin.

Participants were asked to follow the Twitter handles of each of the critics, as well as the participating wine estates. The idea was to not only promote the fantastic Pinot Noir wines of the Elgin region, but also to generate as much social media “traffic” as possible through the use of specific hashtags- #elginwine #coolclimate #pinotnoir- ultimately initializing a huge online conversation between both industry professionals and the everyday consumer.

The line-up for the wines tasted went as follows:


Brand Name



Paul Wallace Wines

Brave Heart Pinot Noir



Shannon Vineyards

Shannon Rockview Ridge Pinot Noir



Winters Drift

Winters Drift Pinot Noir



Paul Cluver Wines

Paul Cluver Estate Pinot Noir



Kevin King

Kevin King Bazza



Oak Valley Wines

Oak Valley Pinot Noir



Lothian Vineyards

Lothian Vineyards Pinot Noir




Iona Pinot Noir



Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir Reserve



Elgin Ridge

Elgin Ridge 282 Pinot Noir (Organic)



Highlands Road

Highlands Road Pinot Noir



Elgin Vintners

Elgin Vintners Pinot Noir



 This was, of course, not the first event of its kind- wineries around the world have been using Twitter and Facebook as means of a “virtual tasting room” for quite some time, and it comes with no surprise when looking at the fantastic figures generated by the event:

No. of Twitter users reached:     11, 178 (different accounts)

Hours of related Tweeting:         7

Retweets:                                            38

Contributors:                                     15

Total impressions made:              43, 589 (WOW!)


Could this be the future of wine sales and marketing? Only time will tell- for now keep your eyes on our social media pages by following us on

Facebook (Highlands Road Wines)

and Twitter (@HighlandsRd) 

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