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Wood-Fired Pizza

Aon                                                                                                                              R85

Tomato base; Black Forest Ham; Mushrooms; Caramelized onions; Blue cheese; Fresh Rocket

Dhá                                                                                                                             R90

Tomato base; Mozzarella; Salami; Roasted peppers; Kalamata olives; Brie cheese

Trì                                                                                                                               R70

Margarita (tomato base; Mozzarella)

Ceithir                                                                                                                         R80

Tomato base; Mozzarella; Bacon; Mushrooms; Feta cheese

Còig                                                                                                                             R85

Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Salami; Feta; Peppadews; Caramelized onions

Sia                                                                                                                               R85

Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Black Forest ham; Camembert cheese; Preserved Figs

Seachd                                                                                                                         R80

Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Bacon; Pineapple; Peppadews; Feta cheese

Ochd                                                                                                                           R85

(V)Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Mushrooms; Kalamata Olives; Roasted peppers; Caramelized onions; Brie cheese

Naoi                                                                                                                            R90

(V) Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Blue Cheese; Brie; Feta; Mushrooms; Basil pesto dressing

Deich                                                                                                                           R80

Tomato Base; Mozzarella; Avocado; Bacon; Feta cheese (seasonal)




Design your own pizza- R70

Brie/Camembert Cheese R15                                         Blue Cheese R20

Feta R12                                                                       Parmesan Shavings R20

Bacon R20                                                                    Fresh Rocket R10                     

Salami R15                                                                    Black Forest Ham R15              

Roasted Peppers R18                                                     Peppadews R15

Kalamata Olives R10                                                      Anchovies R15 

Caramelized Onions R15                                               Mushrooms R12                                  

Pineapple R10                                                               Preserved Figs R15

Avocado (seasonal) R15





Wood-fired flatbreads with a selection of fresh toppings

Aon Deug                                                                                                        R60

Olive Oil; Salt; Pepper; Oregano; Garlic; Parmesan shavings

Dhà Deug                                                                                                        R70

Blue Cheese; Bacon; Fresh Tomato & Onion; Fresh Rocket; Balsamic Reduction; Parmesan shavings

Tri Deug                                                                                                          R65

Cream Cheese; Bacon; Sweet Chilli Sauce

Ceithir Deug                                                                                                    R70

Olive Oil; Black Forest ham; Parmesan Shavings; Fresh Rocket






Sweet Endings

Decadent Dark Chocolate Torte with Vanilla Ice Cream                                                 R55

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Berries and Homemade Shortbread                             R50

Homemade Malva Pudding with vanilla ice cream                                                                        R45



Grub for little tummies


Margarita Pizza                                                                                                           R60

Margarita with Bacon                                                                                                 R65

Hawaiian (Bacon & Pineapple)                                                                                  R65


Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce                                                                       R45