Whats been going on at Highlands Road Estate?

We’re already halfway through 2014 Wow! How time has flown- It seems like it’s a sip, swirl and taste and all of a sudden you’re 3 bottles of red down and talking to a rock about your philosophy on economic empowerment. Yes.

Needless to say, this has been a whirlwind year for Highlands Road Estate, full of new and exciting ventures. Our first harvest with our new winemaker, Jacques Maree (the end product of which we are BEYOND excited to taste), our first Cool Wine and Country event with our new team (a great success!) and many other private functions,  not to mention the wrath of the cold Elgin winter, something none of us Elgin-newbies were prepared for! To arrive at the estate in the morning to find our outside tables covered in a layer of solid ice is no joke, I can tell you that much! Thank goodness for our fantastic tasting room fire place!


We received rave reviews for our much anticipated 2013 Rosé, bottled earlier in the year, and our proudest moment came when owner Michael White stepped up to accept the Trophy for Best Unwooded Sauvignon Blanc in the Museum Category. We are honoured to be sharing the win with the great wines who won before us. We are expecting our 2010 vintage to also start making waves soon- watch this space! With our Old-Mutual Trophy Win, we had the opportunity to go on a roadshow across SA, meeting some wonderful people along the way

We were also very fortunate to be able to participate in the Graff-Reiniet “Stoep tasting” weekend, where this sleepy little Karoo town sprang to life, fueled by good people, great wines, and an unforgettable air of small-town hospitality!

With the changing season and removal of some unwelcome dogs, we have also seen the return of the Highlands Road otter(s), which have playfully bobbed their heads up from the dam waters in the early hours of the morning and the start of nightfall.

We also had the addition of two fantastic staff members, assisting us in the tasting room and in the kitchen. And lest we forget the addition of our little girl who was born in February, who has been entertaining us all here at Highlands Road and who has already taken an interest in wine, judging by her fascination with wine glasses and barrels!

Gosh- and we still have 5 months to go! We are all gearing up for the busy summer months to come and can’t wait for the Elgin Valley to spring back into life with the hustle and bustle of customers! Bring it on!